To offer the best solutions in open source information technology in order to fully meet the needs of our clients and partners, so as to provide them with better results and make them more competitive.


We are recognized for our excellence in the provision of IT services and the creation of value for our clients.


We act with integrity, while maintaining the highest respect for such values as freedom, independence and honesty. We demand of ourselves and others the highest ethical standards.

In adapting to the needs of our employees, clients and partners to meet their needs.

We have a policy of total transparency in relation to our processes, services, working methods and results. This is manifested especially in the way we act and communicate, where we always try to use clear, easily understood language, and seek understanding between all parties.

In each of us there is a value commitment to ABS and to all members of this team. This commitment goes beyond our office and extends to our clients and partners. We will give our very best, to help you be the best you can be - count on us.

We have a team of qualified professionals of proven quality with many years of experience in the IT area. We seek to promote a culture of lifelong learning, in order to encourage innovation and creativity, so that these allies of superior professionalism and technical quality are reflected in outstanding results.